Early Fall Daytime Look (P.S. this whole outfit was under $175)


So I began writing this as I would any other style focused blog post. I would usually describe how “obsessed” I was with this or that piece of clothing or accessory. And then tell you how it is so comfortable and easy to wear, how it is transitional, and flattering on the body. And then I realized that you can read that blog post everywhere.

My spirit led me to focus on other things in this post...the things you can’t see. About what’s lying beneath all the pretty clothes and makeup. About how, when my photographer asked if I wanted to take off my blazer, I immediately became self conscious because I usually HATE how my arms photograph and how slip dresses don’t hug my waist….and people might think that I look chunky because my figure isn’t defined. Oh I could go on and on and on. You know that Mean Girls scene, when they are all at Regina’s house and they all take turns saying things that they hate about their bodies while looking in the mirror? Yup, thats me! God is working on me ya’ll, but the thoughts still come, I just have to choose not to believe them. The crazy thing about this blogging and influencer thing, is that it’s so easy to trick yourself into believing that people want perfect. We get stuck in the cycle of trying to become like our favorite bloggers, so we do the things they do, and take the pictures they’d take, and try to prove to ourselves and everyone else that our lives (i.e. IG feed) are as “perfect” as theirs or at least one day will be. But most of us relate much more to authenticity, vulnerability, realness, insecurity and all the things that go along with it. And in reality, we are who we are, how we are, for a reason. The sooner we acknewledge, accept and live in that truth, the sooner we can really start walk the unique path that God has for each of us.


So in the spirit of full transparency, this blog post has no additional edits, just exactly how the photographer delivered the images to me. No extra smoothing of the skin or extra graininess or removing stray hairs, etc, etc. Additionally I’m going to tell you my real feelings about this outfit and how I chose it. So here we go:


I usually hate slip dresses, I think they tend to hug all the wrong parts of my body. But I’m starting to realize after about….hmm 18 years of dressing myself that if you limit yourself to clothes that always show off your waistline you really restrict yourself in the whole style/fashion arena. I AM MORE THAN MY WAISTLINE! Okay, I just needed to emphasize that for myself. Contrary to what all the magazine and campaigns tell us, fashion/style is not about how skinny you can look. This should be obvious, but it wasn’t for me. Moving on….this slip dress is in fact super comfy and super affordable. The blazer is a go to for me. It is oversized and extremely soft and goes with everything, I’m not just saying that. I really mean it. The shoes are from Zara and are so UNCOMFORTABLE, but I love the shape and color so I still wear them. The bag is a random dirt cheap bag I saw on Blogger RantiinReview’s IG page. I love it! Ohh and my hair is from Premium Lace Wigs, ya’ll thought I was just going to leave this off the outfit dets?! It’s one of my favorite wigs and curl patterns everrrr. But FYI the shedding when washing is terrrrrible. Like I’m not sure how there is still hair on the unit. Anyway, it is still going strong and I’ve been wearing it for about 2 months.

Okay that’s all! Dets below. Until next time.

UO Floral Slip Dress (similar here)

Leith Oversized Blazer (similar here)

Blush Pointed Toe Mule (similar here)

Clear Handle Bag

Natural Curls Brazilian Virgin Hair



Brittany Barnes