Lessons from My Chanel


My husband (boyfriend at the time) bought this beautiful Chanel Flap Bag for me about 6 years ago. I was so excited about this gift, mostly (okay, completely) because it was Chanel and I was fresh out of college, interning for pennies and had barely even touched a Chanel bag at that point in my life. But to be completely honest, I didn’t love the actual bag very much (sorry babe). I wasn’t one for bright colors (that has changed), I was confused about the perforated leather, and it didn’t look like the Chanel that everyone else had. I wondered, was it out of date? Would I look crazy trying to wear this like its cute and everyone is secretly like, no girl, you need to go exchange that? I know, these sound like lines from Mean Girls, but the thoughts crossed my mind. So needless to say, it sat in the back of my closet for months...well honestly years.

And what an terrible shame and disgrace that was! In the last year, I have become obsessed with this bag, and not because it is Chanel, but because it is soooo cute. The color, the character, the convertible chain, the front pocket detail, just the overall breeziness of it. I took one look at it a few months ago and wondered why on earth is this bag collecting dust!?  

I realized there was a little lesson to be learned here. As it is with style and fashion, it's the same with life - we get stuck in the trend, in what everyone else around us is doing, wearing, saying, believing. As much as we all want to stand out, it’s like we want to stand out for being such a perfect reproduction of someone else’s style...or sound...or writing...or game...or whatever your thing is. Why not just stand out because you are the perfect representation of you? We are uniquely who we are. God specifically designed each one of us. We are actually, literally, one of a kind. It crazy how hard it is to embrace that. 

So this is really less about the Chanel bag and more about me....about being comfortable in my skin, about being okay with people not approving of me (from what I believe to what I wear), of trying harder not to yield to everyone else's standard. Now I wear my little coral flap bag with a different kind of confidence. Like, I was young then but now I'm older, and I see your beauty my dear Chanel (and then I whisper those same lines to myself).



P.S. Thank you to my husband for making this little story possible<3, and for always pushing me to be me. 


Chanel Up In The Air Flap Bag

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Brittany Barnes