My Journey W/ Fibroids - Part 2: Acessa, Recovery and RESULT!

Ya’ll the sequel is here! And unlike most movies, it's actually way better than the original, which featured hemorrhage bleeding in yoga studios and a premenopausal lupron daze. I wrote that first post in June 2018, when I was just rebounding from some pretty tough months. A lot has happened since then...praise God. I feel like a new human and my fibroids are at least half the size they were last summer. So let's start from early June. Also, this is a super long post again so….buckle up.

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Brittany Barnes
My Journey w/ Fibroids - Part 1: Diagnosis + Lupron Depot Treatment

By the end of the class I was in a small puddle of blood. You can imagine my horror. Why couldn’t this have happened to me at home, when I was alone? I ran to my car, dripping all the way there and called my mom in full fledge panic! I’ve had plenty of embarrassing leaking stories before but this was another level….hemorrhage level bleeding. Something was going on in my uterus…………..obviously.

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